Sunday, November 05, 2006

Halley's Comment

posted on Nov. 4th

We thought we'd bring this excellent column by Halley Faust to your attention from this week's CT Jewish Ledger. In a single page, Faust was able to 'rock the yacht' right out from under Ned's campaign and expose his one-issue, $16 million investment as an angry, empty folly.

We know it's a foreign concept to our tin-foil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorist friends in the Lamont camp, but Faust actually employs logic to deduce why Connecticut should stick with Joe on Election Day.

On the Iraq war, she rightly argues that there's no silver bullet solution - so we need "serious, experienced and centrist leaders in the Senate" to help conclude the war in a way that makes us safer, not less secure. And on the critical issue of U.S. - Israel relations, Faust writes that "he's proven his loyalty to our issues; we should prove our loyalty to his candidacy."

Faust also reminds voters that in the Senate, seniority matters.She highlights the implications of Lieberman's moderate, independent position if the country wakes up on November 8th to a split Senate. "Our Connecticut seat makes a difference," she writes.

And finally, Faust rightly declares that our country is one the wrong track and we need a change in Washington, but "the risk of change [only] makes sense if a good justification for benefits and a clear strategy accompanies it. A change without clear direction often worsens rather than improve situations." The fact is, Negative Ned still has no new ideas. Faust echoes this sentiment when she concludes that "nearly all of Lamont's website issue papers are so fuzzy as to be meaningless."

Posted by: Eric Blankenbaker on 11/4/2006 at 5:08 PM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

" ...Negative Ned still has no new ideas."

And what ideas does Positively Lying Joe LIE-man has?

Stay the course, suck up to the corporate interests, deny reality, etc, etc.

Oh, yes ...and keep flip-flopping so you'll never know ....

6:36 PM  
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