Monday, October 30, 2006

Daily Double

posted October 30th

Well, we have finally discovered one thing that the Daily News and the New York Post can agree on; Joe Lieberman must be returned to the United States Senate.

The legendary feud between the Post and the Daily News wasn’t strong enough to keep them from agreeing that, as the Daily News puts it, “This is no contest. Vote for Lieberman.”

The endorsement in the Daily News, which was published today, talked about the track record that Joe has built up during his 18 years in the Senate, and the promise that the future holds when he returns for a 4th term. Because of his ability to work across party lines, and get things done, the Daily News said “Lieberman has been a distinctive, important Democratic voice.”

Furthermore, the Daily News seems to echo what the polls have been showing, “You don't throw out a top-drawer senator in favor of a political newcomer who scored a narrow victory on the strength of a campaign financed by personal wealth and single-issue emotion.”

So far, of the 5 major papers that have made endorsements, Joe has been endorsed by 4 of the 5 of them. Of the 2 major Connecticut papers that have endorsed so far, Joe is batting 1.000.
Posted by: Eric Blankenbaker on 10/30/2006 at 3:31 PM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor Eric

He knows the only Newspaper endorsement that means a dam thing in this race is the NYT.That was proven during the primary and it will be again in the General Election.

Joe Liebermans "Low information voter" strategy won't work in 06 Eric.You and your boss are about to be hit by a HUGE wave.

7:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe Lieberman must be returned to the United States Senate? No, he must be returned, because he's defective.
He doesn't get it. Read the Times Endorsement again, Eric. You might learn something about Ned Lamont. He's the best candidate.

9:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yupe, Joe LIE-man is defective product; please return him or trash him.

I am sure he'll feel very at home at the new democratic Eye-Rack.

12:14 AM  
Blogger gchaucer2 said...

Let's see, it is dispicable and biased for NYT to endorse Ned but it is A-OK for the two CT rags to endorse Lieberman. What's wrong with this picture? And, I would be truly embarassed to publish such an inane letter -- which requires one to swallow a bottle of Tylenol to get through it.

4:13 PM  
Anonymous Tank Dude said...


9:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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