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These guys are PROUD of scaring the Seniors!

CT Bob: These filthy people are so mired in Joe Lieberman's slime that not only aren't they ashamed of themselves for terrorizing elderly residents of a public housing complex, but they're PROUD OF IT! Absolutely disgusting. Joe Lieberman's Campaign of Corruption is spreading. Don't feed the beast. Vote from your heart.

Cross Post from The Full Lamonty: The Battle of Charter Oak
We greatly enjoyed reading the Lamont Campaign’s fantastical account of the welcome party our young staff and volunteers threw for Ned’s bus stop across from our headquarters today. That Kool Aid they are drinking these days must be pretty people-powerful.

But since there is a danger that some unsuspecting observers might take
their delusions of failure seriously, we thought we provide an account
of what actually happened.  Here then for the record is our
reality-based chronicle of the Battle of Charter Oak.

We watched as  Ned's gleaming new gold bus, fully equipped
with Arkansas plates, pulled into  the driveway of Percival Smith
Towers Senior Center on Charter Oak Avenue in  Hartford --
across the street from Lieberman HQ.  The Stand Up for
Change  Bus Tour was ready to stand up to the opposition.  As Joe would
say: "Now that's chutzpah!"

Since Ned was in our neck of the woods, our  supporters were
naturally there to greet him.  According to Ned's top
advisors, "a small wildeyed band of paid thugs" swarmed the bus
and  "started a near riot".  See below for said


Yes, after a long day of volunteering and stumping for Joe,
these "thugs" go home to club baby seals,  too.  

So what did our “wildeyed thugs” actually do? They waved “VOTE JOE” signs and cheered. No wonder Ned’s  explosive advisor David Sirota was frightened.

This “violence” was too  much to take for Ann Huntress Lamont as
well.  Soon after climbing off  the bus, she began loudly
lecturing one young supporter: "Would you be doing  this if there
was a draft?!"  We are guessing she wasn't too happy when  he
shot back, "So you made a pretty good 'investment' here, huh?" because
she  stomped off and got right back on the bus.



Ned the Giantslayer was none too thrilled, either. 
He got off the bus, shook hands for less than 5 minutes, then
quickly retreated to his golden cocoon (we’re talking his pimped out
bus, not his life  in general).  After several minutes of
traumatic deliberations, Ned and his team cancelled the event and the
Stand Up for Change Tour quickly got flat out of Hartford.

Our team, meanwhile, was left to ponder the Lamont paradox:

The guy who is banking his whole campaign on  standing up to
the Bush Administration couldn’t even stand up to harmless bunch of
sign-waving 22-year-olds.

Welcome to the neighorhood, Ned!  Come again soon!

Posted by:
Eric Blankenbaker
11/3/2006 at 4:45 PM


Anonymous G Brooks said...

So, tell me, what is the profile for a Lieberman supporter at this point? I would assume:

a. You can have no political or personal principles -- just cowardly waving with whomever has the power.

b. You have to have supported, and continue to support, the biggest blunder and needless death of American soldiers (and I'm including Vietnam) in the history of the U.S., all the while not having the guts to have fought yourself when it was your turn.

c. You have to bend over to the Worst President and Vice-President in the history of the U.S. --from the opposite party, no less -- on a daily basis, and even take slobbering kisses in public after taking it in the back room all day.

d. In short, I imagine the profile of the Lieberman supporter is a sniveling weasel of a human, one that doesn't have the balls to stand up to incompetence for fear of reprisal, one hat has no alliance to their lifelong political party, one that changes the rules after losing.

Wow, I am impressed...I think you guys have a future as a lapdog in case this gig falls through....

11:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone has any idea where Joe LIE-man will end up next?

Probably in some retirement home in Crawford .....

12:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

" ....couldn’t even stand up to harmless bunch of
sign-waving 22-year-olds."

In Iraq, they kill, maim and torture. Sometimes they also die.

Did any of these Lieberyouith ever considered an Iraq tour of duty? Or is it more lucrative working for PETTY cash in CT?

10:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

" ...Ann Huntress Lamont"

From the LIE-face campaign ---- what about the wife who is selling her husband's principles in the pharmaceutical industry?

10:04 PM  
Anonymous G Brooks said...

22 years old? Come on guys, instead of looking smug holding your signs in front of the bus, head to Iraq! It's a great idea, right? Just ask your guy Joe!

Well, it's a great idea as long as someone else does the heavy lifting, right? I'm starting to see why Lieberman=Cheney=Bush.

You guys are pathetic.

11:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

" .....ere then for the record is our
reality-based chronicle of the Battle of Charter Oak."

Fucking cowards!!!! I was at the Battle of Fallujah ....and I am 22 years old .....what the FUCK are you guys sucking that DICK of a LIE for?

4:28 AM  
Anonymous chele said...

Eric is going to hell.

We can forget about him in a few days... once this gig is over for him, nobody will ever hear from or about Eric Blankenshit again.

But rest assured, the nasty, mean-spirited little bastard is going to hell.

5:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say send all LIE-man's liars to Fallujah.

I hope if LIE-man is returned so will the draft be reinstated and these cowardly "... harmless bunch of
sign-waving 22-year-olds." will actualy get to see some real action without proper body armour in Iraq.

7:20 AM  
Blogger ki kelly said...

My problem with all this is that a senior citizens' event was a HIGHLY inappropriate setting for an unnecessary confrontation which could all too easily set off a dangerous situation. Just about any other venue would be OK but this one was a dreadful choice. I can just imagine how terrified my 80+ year old mother would be in this sort of situation. This is an egregious lack of judgement which Lieberman himself should have repudiated immediately.

6:37 PM  
Anonymous WInton Thorpe said...

Lieberman supporters are scumbags, plain and simple. Oh the irony or ironies of supporters of a Jewish candidate using Nazi tactics to squelch legitimate opposition.

4:13 PM  

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