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Lamont Hypocrisy Watch: Blogger Desperation Edition

posted Oct 17 2006
(Woohoo! After all these months, I FINALLY got a mention on Joe's blog! I can't believe it! This is fantastic!

My acceptance speech: I'd like to thank all the people who made this possible...Kirby...Joe Lieberman, of course; Eric Blagnerkerer; Danny Gerstain; the late Sean Smith and Marion Steinfels; and of course, my best friend and buddy, Alan Schlesinger!)

There is no better barometer of the increasing desperation of the Lamont campaign than the reaction of Ned’s biggest blogger boosters to yesterday’s debate.

Instead of touting Ned’s performance, which would have been a challenge for the even the best spinmasters, the usually Republican-hating keyboard jockeys spent an inordinate amount of their hype on Alan Schlesinger.

(You can find some of the more hilarious examples below.)

The reason for this sudden turnabout could not be more transparent. The bloggers know that Negative Ned’s message of blame and blather has totally failed to resonate with voters outside his anti-war base, and that Lamont’s only hope in this race now is to try to peal away Republican voters from Joe Lieberman.

Thus you have the pathetic spectacle of not just angry left-wing bloggers cheerleading for the conservative Schlesinger, but of Ned himself trying to pump his Republican counterpart up. Following one of Schlesinger’s more colorful outbursts yesterday, Ned offered the Round Hill Country Club version of a you-go-girl shoutout:

"Look, you are going to come back," Lamont said. "I got into this race. I had absolutely no support at all." (Hartford Courant, 10/17/06)

Then after the debate Lamont Campaign Chairman George Jepsen did his best to turn Schlesinger into Reagan:

"He doesn't get a forum like this every day of the week," said George Jepsen, co-chairman of the Lamont campaign. "He spoke with great clarity." (Hartford Courant, 10/17/06)

Seems pretty clear to us this cynical tactic is part of a coordinated strategy -- and that it will fall as flat as the rest of Ned’s general election campaign. The next logical step will be for Ned and his more wealthy friends to start funneling money to Schlesinger to try to get him on television.

Now THAT would be quite a change.

The Schlesinger Swoon

My DD:
Lieberman Crunched, Schlesinger Soars
by Matt Stoller, Mon Oct 16, 2006 at 02:05:39 PM EST

There is just no question that Alan Schlesinger won this debate, Lamont pretty much held his own, and Lieberman lost. Alan Schlesinger was funny, interesting, and passionate. He made compelling conservative arguments, and punctured the myth that Lieberman was a principled independent. Lamont held his own as a credible candidate, standing up to Joe's attacks. Lieberman was somewhat funny, but he couldn't defend his middle of the road mantra when Alan Schlesinger and Ned Lamont were pointing out that his record doesn't match his rhetoric.

Connecticut Blog:

All I can say is WOW! It think Joe Lieberman just lost a big piece of his Republican support base as the true Republican Alan Schlesinger ripped the de facto Republican to shreds at today's debate. Knowing that he didn't have anything to lose, the Republican nominate candidate came out of the gate swinging and really whacked Lieberman upside the head on a variety of issues ranging from North Korea to Social Security. . . At one point while Schlesinger was tearing Lieberman to pieces, I turned around to get a feel of the crowd and a majority of the people were very impressed with Schlesinger. . .”

Connecticut Bob:
Recap part 2
Overall, I think Schlesinger helped himself the most -- by getting fair time to talk and present himself to his Republican constituents. I think he will get a big bump out of this one.

Daily Kos:
CT-Sen: The immigration factor
by kos
Mon Oct 16, 2006 at 04:46:14 PM PDT
It's early in the process, but I haven't heard anyone highlight the significance of this moment in today's debate.

Republican Alan Schlesinger, who was surprisingly impressive in the debate, made a clear distinction between himself and his two opponents on the immigration issue.
Posted on 10/17/2006 at 1:29 PM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw Joe LIE-man being screwed by both the REAL Republican and the DEMOCRAT NOMINEE at the debate.

BTW why did Joe not stay back to meet us or the media right after the debate instead of doing a quickie back door exit? Smack too much of what he has been doing lately; sneaking around CT ......what kinda Senator is this!?

3:16 AM  
Blogger ukcoder said...

We are conducting a survey on amnesty for illegal immigrants in the UK and the USA for the next 6 months at http://www.skillipedia.com . We want to hear opinions from normal people - not political parties or think tanks.

Your opinions or feedback are much appreciated


7:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous to anonymous, I know your question was rhetorical, but I’m going to answer it anyway! It’s pretty obvious the reason Joe doesn’t stay around is he doesn't have the honesty or integrity to answer for his lies. Besides, that would be way too negative for him to handle and even his brain wouldn’t be able to count the number of “attacks” (normally known as questions) on him!

9:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yupe .....questions directed at Joe LIE-man consitutes ATTACKS. You must Joe to get acknowledged as decent interaction .....

How more sanctimonous can one get? The debate was great - watching Joe LIE-man the FAKE Democrat and FAKE Republican got screwed by a REAL Republican and having to "defend" himself from "attacks" from the DEMOCRAT nominee ....

10:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Joe LIE-man! Go out and get a life. Meet real people instead of whoremasters and paid media.

Go meet real people; that is why I like Ned. He meets people instead of running away from them. You don't need to be a lobbyist to talk to him. And he answers questions instead of calling them attacks.

BTW Ned does have a lot of things to say about the way Joe has been doing (or not doing) his job as a senator the last 18 years. And mostly he doesn't agree (LOL, if he did would he be running?).

And I agree with "Negative Ned". Joe is literally screwing up not only CT but the entire US at large.

12:27 PM  
Blogger gchaucer2 said...

I was in Baltimore for the last four days so had to catch up. It wasn't the bloggers only, the MSM gave Schlesinger a nod. And, the audience found their voice by booing Lieberman's whiney blathering. Even by going overtime, it sounds as if Lieberman can't justify his repeated lies and flipflops.

12:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The result was exceptionally clear; no way anyone could claim Joe won unless they are spinning the Earth off its axis. I just loved his stunned expression the first shot Alan took at him. LOL.


7:48 PM  

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