Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Former State Attorneys General endorse Joe

posted October 23rd

Joe was endorsed today by a bipartisan group of 40 former State Attorneys General from over 25 states, who announced they’re ‘Sticking with Joe’ because of Joe's integrity, honesty and his stellar record of results as Connecticut’s Attorney General.

Joe served as Connecticut State Attorney General between 1983 – 1988. His accomplishments include establishing aggressive affirmative action policies in the Connecticut Attorney General’s office to recruit more women and minorities, protecting the environment, protecting consumers against fraud and price gauging, and standing up to big oil companies that were practicing discriminatory policies to drive up the cost of gas.

The Honorable Robert Abrams (Democratic New York State Attorney General, 1979 – 1993) said:

Those of us who have worked with Joe Lieberman know that he is a person of intelligence, independence, integrity and decency. He is a genuine leader in our nation who is respected for his insights and active efforts to seek solutions to problems. It is important to keep his voice and leadership in the United States Senate.

The Honorable Bob Stephens (Republican Kansas State Attorney General, 1979 – 1995) said:

I had the privilege of working with Senator Lieberman when I was Kansas Attorney General and he was the Connecticut Attorney General. His dedication to public service and his commitment to honesty and integrity convinced me early on that there is not a more honest man in politics. It has always been an honor to call him friend.

Joe said:

I am honored to have the support of this group, so many of whom are former colleagues and all of whom I count as my friends. Connecticut deserves a leader who will put their interests first and, as Attorney General and Senator, I have always worked to put the people of Connecticut before partisan interests.

Former Attorneys General for Joe

* The Honorable Robert Abrams (NY, 1979-1993)--D
* The Honorable Jeff Amestoy (VT, 1985-1997)--R
* The Honorable Francis X. Bellotti (MA, 1975-1987)--D
* The Honorable Margery Bronster (HI, 1995-1999)--D
* The Honorable Richard H. Bryan (NV, 1979-1983)--D
* The Honorable Charles W. Burson (TN, 1988-1997)--D
* The Honorable Robert A. Butterworth (FL, 1986-2002)--D
* The Honorable Steve Clark (AR, 1979-1990)--D
* The Honorable Walter W. Cohen (PA, 1995)-- R
* The Honorable John J. Degnan (NJ, 1978-1981)--D
* The Honorable Herbert F. DeSimone (RI, 1967-1971)—R
* The Honorable Jerry Diamond (VT, 1975-1981)--D
* The Honorable John J. Easton, Jr. (VT, 1981-1985)--R
* The Honorable Tyrone C. Fahner (IL, 1980-1983)--R
* The Honorable Richard S. Gebelein (DE, 1979-1983)--R
* The Honorable Slade Gorton (WA, 1969-1981)--R
* The Honorable John L. Hill (TX, 1973-1979)--D
* The Honorable John A. LaSota, Jr. (AZ, 1978)--R
* The Honorable Robert F. List (NV, 1971-1979)--R
* The Honorable Robert A. Marks (HI, 1992-1995)--D
* The Honorable Brian McKay (NV, 1983-1991)--R
* The Honorable Mark V. Meierhenry (SD, 1979-1986)--R
* The Honorable V. Frank Mendicino (WY, 1975-1978)--D
* The Honorable Andy P. Miller (VA, 1970-1977)--D
* The Honorable Mike Moore (MS, 1988-2004)--D
* The Honorable Richard G. Opper (Guam, 1983-1986)
* The Honorable Edwin L. Pittman (MS, 1984-1988)--D
* The Honorable Warren Price, III (HI, 1989-1992)--D
* The Honorable Clarine Nardi Riddle (CT, 1989-1991)—D
* The Honorable Dennis J. Roberts, II (RI, 1979-1985)--D
* The Honorable Stephen D. Rosenthal (VA, 1993-1994)--D
* The Honorable Gregory H. Smith (NH, 1980-1984)--R
* The Honorable Nicholas Spaeth (ND, 1985-1993)--D
* The Honorable Robert T. Stephan (KS, 1979-1995)--R
* The Honorable Hal Stratton (NM, 1987-1990)--R
* The Honorable Anthony F. Troy (VA, 1977-1978)--D
* The Honorable Michael C. Turpen (OK, 1983-1986)--D
* The Honorable Duane Woodard (CO, 1983-1991) --D
* The Honorable Grant Woods (AZ, 1991-1999)--R
* The Honorable LeRoy S. Zimmerman (PA, 1981-1989)--R
* C. Raymond Marvin, (former Executive Director of the National Association of Attorneys General, 1975-1986)
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Anonymous republican said...

FORMER Attorney Generals?

What about the now DEAD formerly alive Americans who served in Iraq?

8:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And what about those who FORMERLY had some form of health insurance?

Joe LIE-man is really on his way to be a FORMER senator, too ....:)

4:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any word yet on when the list of former county probate judges from Colorado and Kansas will unleash their support for Joe?

Good God, Eric - these lists are embarassingly desperate and thin...

11:27 PM  

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