Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sign the Petition

posted on October 20th

One of our biggiest worries is coming to pass. In a desperate attempt to buy the election, Ned is using a chunk of the $11 million he has given his own campaign to run an unprecedented level of TV attack ads and tear Joe down.

Ned can’t beat Joe on the issues, he can’t beat Joe in the debates, he can’t make a positive argument for his own candidacy, and his negative, no-ideas campaign is showing no movement in the polls.

So what is Ned’s solution? Triple his ad buy for next week and put up more attack ads to distort Joe’s record -- every half hour on every Connecticut network affiliate every day. That’s the most expensive political smear campaign ever waged in Connecticut.

To make matters worse, Ned is still refusing to come clean with Connecticut voters about where his campaign funding is coming from.

The only way to know that information is from Ned’s family tax returns. But no matter how many times the news media or our campaign demands that Ned meet the same standard of disclosure as we do, Ned says it is none of your business.

Well, we believe that democracy is our business. It’s the people of Connecticut’s business. And it’s time for Ned to answer to them and come clean about where his $11 million is coming from.

If you agree, we would encourage you to sign an online petition calling on Ned to release his family’s tax returns. Tell Ned that if he’s going to demand accountability from others, he should start by being accountable himself.

Sign the petition!

And while you are at it, please make a contribution and help Joe fight back against Ned’s unprecedented political smear campaign.

Joe has done his best to build support from Democrats, Republicans, and independents across Connecticut and around the country, and your generosity has been extraordinary. But there is no way he can match Ned’s new onslaught of deceptive attack ads without your urgent help.

So if you want something better from our democracy than Ned’s $11 million tear-down campaign, and if you believe in Joe’s message of putting people ahead of politics, then we ask you today to make a contribution.

And with your help on Election Day, we can show the rest of the country what we know in our hearts– the people of Connecticut cannot be bought.

Posted by: Eric Blankenbaker on 10/20/2006 at 4:47 PM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

".....And with your help on Election Day, we can show the rest of the country what we know in our hearts– the people of Connecticut cannot be bought."

So where did Joe LIE-man's $14 million came from?

Why does Lamont gets more VOLUNTEERS while Joe LIE-man obviously depends on more paid goons like Eric Went-Blank?

BTW, E Blank, are you fr CT or are you another of those goons employed by Joe LIE-man from DC?

12:15 PM  
Blogger CT Bob said...

I'm sure Eric doesn't know the difference between Waterford and Watertown.

2:40 PM  
Blogger gchaucer2 said...

Hmmm, deceptive attack ads like Joe's debunked ad attacking Ned's business acumen -- that is still running despite the fact it is a flat out lie? What, have you been cut off by the child abusing Mel Sembler, the Pharmas and repbulicans?

11:03 AM  

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