Friday, November 10, 2006

The Final Post

CT Bob: This will probably be the last post of this blog, since the Joe2006 official website now just shows photos of Joe and his friends, and the Blog is history.

Fortunately, I do have a mirrored copy of the Joe blog (much more complete than this simple blog) that will be available to interested parties. I just have to figure out if it'll fit on a standard data CD, or if I need to burn it onto a DVD. The total weight of the baldfaced lies might be too much for a CD.

I started this blog to mirror the Joe2006 blog, which Dan Gerstein promised would remain open for comments; he broke his word and stopped the comments after about five days. I'm still convinced that he fully intended to do that from Day One, since having an open forum where people can express their opinions is the LAST THING that Joe "Talk to the Hand" Lieberman would ever want.

A one-way dialogue is his trademark.

I feel we accomplished something with this blog. People got to comment on the Joe postings by Eric Blankenbaker and Dan Gerstein, and we contributed to the idea of Free Speech that was denied to you by Senator Lieberman. For that, I'm proud.

So now, we end this blog with what may be the saddest example of poor sportsmanship I've ever seen anywhere. Read this post, which was linked from the Joe2006 Blog by Eric Blankenbacker shortly before they purged it, and think about what we'll be in for should Joe Lieberman really have the deciding vote in the Senate.

Something tells me Joe's gonna be all about settling scores.

And...thanks for reading.

Connecticut Bob
From The Bull Moose (which also doesn't allow comments; does that surprise anyone?)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


The Moose gloats and kvells.

There is great joy in Mooseland. The nutroots have struck out. Joe Lieberman has prevailed. The vital center is victorious!

Read and weep, dear nutroots,

"Throughout his career, Senator Joseph I. Lieberman has proudly proclaimed himself an "independent-minded Democrat." But in the closing days of this campaign, Mr. Lieberman added a superlative, promising to be a "very independent Democrat."

After a brutal fall from grace in losing his party's primary this summer, Mr. Lieberman will return to the Senate emboldened, rather than chastened. All fall, he used terms like "unshackled" and "liberated" to describe himself and called his independent candidacy a "twist of fate." In Washington, he is unlikely to be cast out - rather, he could be courted by both sides on close votes.

"I will go to Washington beholden to no political group, but only to the people of Connecticut and my conscience," Mr. Lieberman told supporters in his victory speech Tuesday night at the Goodwin Hotel here. He said his victory was "a declaration of independence from politics of partisanship," adding, "I will be an independent senator, but I will not be alone."

Yes, there is justice. Joe took a brave stand by putting country before party. Despite the fevered efforts of the McGovenites with Modems, the sensible voters of Connecticut rejected polarization and partisanship.

Don't believe the pathetic nutroots spin. In August, they engaged in premature triumphalism believing that they vanquished the vital center. One even indicated that he had ominous plans to obliterate the organization that Joe once led. No, they did not need the dreaded establishment. All they needed were their trusted keyboards and their internet access.

Bloviating bloggers had rushed to the Nutmeg State to hop aboard the Lamont bus with laptops in hand. Indeed, the candidate was their creation. He was their central project. And this "people power" populist plutocrat poured millions of his own fortune into the race. While the nutroots are fervent, they are also cheap.

As the Moose used to say in Texas, the nutroots were all hat and no cattle. Alas, the internet emperors wear no clothes! MSM take note. Kos and Sirota are out. Gerstein and Sun are in.

Now, these tough blogosphere operatives kvetch, moan and cry. Their champion has lost and these puerile puppies complain that the loathed "establishment" did not stand by their man. They cannot handle the truth. Polarization is passe.

The central reason that the Democrats have achieved their major triumph is that they captured the center that was abandoned by the GOP. The Moose welcomes the new group of Blue Dogs.

Polarization has its limits. And Joe Lieberman will return to the Senate as the leader of the vital center. Indeed, Joe emerges ever stronger and as perhaps the most influential member of the upper chamber! By sticking to his guns, Joe wrote another chapter in Profiles in Courage.

A powerful message has been sent to the '08 wannabees who sent Negative Ned their money and support - you can pander to the nutroots to win primaries, but you must reach out to the vital center to win a general election (even in a deep blue state). More persuasion and less comment threads, please.

The Moose deeply enjoys Kosenfreude*. And yes, Virginia, there is Joementum!
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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Postscript: My message to Eric B.

Hi Eric.

I know you read this blog, so I'd just like to say a few things to you.

First of all, congrats on your boy winning. The voters chose Joe over Ned, and even though I feel they were misled by you and others, I support their decision. That's what Democracy is, the will of the voters.

Of course, I can't say I wasn't dismayed that Joe decided to ignore the will of his Democratic party by running as an Independent, but that's an whole other discussion.

Joe won it. It's official.

Now, while you may think you were doing the best job you could do by bashing and slagging Ned Lamont the way you did, you've sunk so far below the realm of taste and good sportsmanship that everyone who's read your writing is disgusted by it.

You didn't need to fabricate lies the way you did.

I know a lot of young "up-'n-comers" in politics think they have to go beyond the line in order to impress their superiors. Well, if Joe is going to be your boss for the rest of your career, you should be fine.

Nothing to worry about.

But keep this in mind, my young friend. The record of your lies and distortions will endure long after you purge the "Joe2006" website. Unlike a shredder in a politician's back office, your words will be available for anyone who asks to see.

Trust me on this. Don't worry, they're in a safe place.

You will have to live with your actions for a long time, Eric.

I just hope it was worth it.

CT Bob

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


"...VOTE FOR NED..."!

(And it was in the Hartford Courant yesterday, so if Eric Blankenknocker doesn't like it, tough titty!)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Email from Joe

posted on Nov 6th

Email sent out earlier today from Joe:

Tomorrow, voters will head to the polls to make an important decision. They will have a choice between partisan politics-as-usual or a new path forward. My friends, I've been honored to be your United States Senator and I respectfully ask for your vote tomorrow.

We need to work together to overcome the divisive politics-as-usual atmosphere in Washington D.C. , and I know that with your support tomorrow, we will win a resounding victory for the voice of experience and reason. Throughout this campaign, I've been talking about the importance of putting people ahead of politics and standing up for what's right. Voters across Connecticut are responding to my message and now we need to get-out-the-vote to win!

Please remember to vote tomorrow and remind your friends to vote the bottom line. My name will be at the bottom of column two on your ballot tomorrow, so please remember to look past the partisan game-playing and vote the bottom line tomorrow.

Make no mistake - this is a critically important election and every vote counts. Please make sure to vote tomorrow and please forward this email along to your friends and family to remind them to vote as well. Connecticut needs an experienced, independent, and effective voice in the Senate and I would be honored to have your support to continue serving this great state we call home.

With sincere thanks and appreciation,

Joe Lieberman
Posted by: Eric Blankenbaker on 11/6/2006 at 9:36 PM

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Closing Argument

posted on Nov. 5th

Joe delivered his “closing argument” for reelection to the United States Senate on Sunday in a stirring speech at his campaign headquarters in Hartford Sunday night, saying, “If you want to send a real message for positive change in Washington, send me.”

Speaking to a crowd of volunteers, family and friends, and standing alongside Hadassah, Joe asked his supporters for “one, last favor" :

Don’t listen to people who tell you this race is over….I believe this race will be closer than most people think. And if we don’t work hard every step of the way, if we don’t get our people to the polls, and if we don’t let people know where to find me on the ballot, then everything we have worked for together will be lost.

If you want more partisanship and more polarization in Washington, then you should vote for Ned Lamont. But if you want an independent-thinking problem-solver, someone who will put people ahead of politics and work across party lines to get things done for you, then I ask for your vote.”

Joe was introduced by a bipartisan team of volunteers, Jeff McLean and Kitty Parente.

Responding to the cheers and signs held aloft by his supporters, Joe pointed out two signs with his favorite slogans from past campaigns, one reading “Batman, Superman, Lieberman,” and the other simply said, “Viva Chutzpah!”
Posted by: Guest Poster: Jim Kennedy on 11/5/2006 at 8:20 PM

Wilton and Darien go for Joe

posted on Nov. 4h

The Wilton Bulletin and Darien Times lined up this week with over half a dozen other Connecticut newspapers to endorse Joe. Both papers cited the need to strengthen the sensible center in Washington to make progress on the issues that voters care most about. We're grateful for their support, and agree that a vote for Joe is a vote for less partisanship and more progress.

The Wilton Bulletin reminded voters that Joe "has been a strong advocate for Connecticut" for 18 years as "a middle of the road politician [who] has extended olive branches across party lines in a time when too many in both parties are teetering on the edge of the extremist cliff." And the Darien Times wrote that "Washington is becoming more and more partisan...[and] the Senate chamber needs more members like Joe Lieberman, not fewer."


Senator Joseph Lieberman has been a strong advocate for Connecticut since his first days in office in 1988. A middle-of-the-road politician, he has extended olive branches across party lines in a time when too many in both parties are teetering on the edge of the extremist cliff. His primary battle against Ned Lamont proved to be a referendum on the War in Iraq, but the general election should be about much more than that. There is much to be done in the months and years ahead, from reforming Social Security to keeping the economy on an upward trend and ensuring American security and safety at home and abroad. It will be moderates, like Mr. Lieberman, who will assure that this do-nothing Congress does a 180 and begins working for the people.

We endorse Mr. Lieberman for the U.S. Senate.


While the Democratic primary proved to be the Democrat’s referendum on the war, this U.S. Senate race is about much more. It is about the economy, it is about national security, it is about gas prices, it is about representing Connecticut and helping to lead America. It is about this country’s future.

Mr. Lieberman, while he at times sides with the left and other times with the right, is a leader among the middle. Washington is becoming more and more partisan — a partisan attitude that is seeping into our local politics. The Senate chamber needs more members like Joe Lieberman not fewer. We endorse Mr. Lieberman for U.S. Senate.

Posted by: Eric Blankenbaker on 11/4/2006 at 5:03 PM

Halley's Comment

posted on Nov. 4th

We thought we'd bring this excellent column by Halley Faust to your attention from this week's CT Jewish Ledger. In a single page, Faust was able to 'rock the yacht' right out from under Ned's campaign and expose his one-issue, $16 million investment as an angry, empty folly.

We know it's a foreign concept to our tin-foil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorist friends in the Lamont camp, but Faust actually employs logic to deduce why Connecticut should stick with Joe on Election Day.

On the Iraq war, she rightly argues that there's no silver bullet solution - so we need "serious, experienced and centrist leaders in the Senate" to help conclude the war in a way that makes us safer, not less secure. And on the critical issue of U.S. - Israel relations, Faust writes that "he's proven his loyalty to our issues; we should prove our loyalty to his candidacy."

Faust also reminds voters that in the Senate, seniority matters.She highlights the implications of Lieberman's moderate, independent position if the country wakes up on November 8th to a split Senate. "Our Connecticut seat makes a difference," she writes.

And finally, Faust rightly declares that our country is one the wrong track and we need a change in Washington, but "the risk of change [only] makes sense if a good justification for benefits and a clear strategy accompanies it. A change without clear direction often worsens rather than improve situations." The fact is, Negative Ned still has no new ideas. Faust echoes this sentiment when she concludes that "nearly all of Lamont's website issue papers are so fuzzy as to be meaningless."

Posted by: Eric Blankenbaker on 11/4/2006 at 5:08 PM