Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Lamont Hypocricy Watch: Faux Populism Edition

(They're late getting a "Blog of Joe" post up today, so for your Freedom of Speech commenting pleasure, I'm posting a copy of their latest smear effort from "The Full Lamonty" October 11, 2006. Yeah, they're a real classy bunch working at the Senator's campaign!)

Just when you think Ned’s chutzpah quotient could not rise any higher, he takes his hypocrisy to new heights.

In his latest shameless claim, Ned says in a letter to supporters that he will stand up and “defend his record of putting people first.”

And what would that record be?

* Oh yes, Ned clearly put people first by trading in his Lexus SUV this year to drive a hybrid and pretend he is environmentally conscious.
* He clearly put people first by resigning his membership in his too-white Greenwich country club after 16 years just to avoid embarrassing his campaign. [Greenwich Time, 4/2/06]
* He clearly put people first by refusing to allow his workers to unionize.
* He clearly put people first by laying off 68 percent of those workers he wouldn’t let organize according to the New York Times. [New York Times, 8/3//06]
* He clearly put people first by refusing to release his tax returns to the public, so they could see how he amassed his $90 million to $300 million fortune. [Multiple, 7/22/06]

That’s the Ned Lamont we know and love — putting posing first.


Blogger gchaucer2 said...

Use a spell-checker, you moron. And what was it you said about negative campaigning? Why don't you keep distorting things while Lieberman's record is in black and white and pretty miserable.

2:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So who saved the submarine base?

JOe LIE-man? Shays? Simmons? Or maybe the country just needed a submarine base, and so let it be.

7:18 AM  

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