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Ned's Worst Lie Yet

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Yesterday Ned Lamont’s increasingly desperate and dishonest campaign told its worst and most offensive lie yet, holding a press conference with a small group of African-American political activists to attack Joe Lieberman for supposedly making up his participation in the civil rights movement.

At this event, Ned stood by as former State Treasurer Henry Parker handed out an open letter on “Paid for by Ned Lamont” paper that openly questioned whether Lieberman went to the March on Washington in August of 1963 or to Mississippi in the fall of that year to help promote African-American voter registration.

You can find a full copy of the letter here [PDF].

Then, as the Hartford Courant reported this morning, Parker directly accused Lieberman of lying about his record:

Parker flatly shared his belief that Lieberman lied about marching with the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and going to Mississippi. "I suspect that he was not there, and the reason I suspect that is because he's a guy who says anything to win," Parker said.

Shortly after Ned had his event, Joe convened his own press conference at our campaign headquarters to denounce this outrageous smear effort and hold the Lamont accountable for continually lying about his record.

Campaigns that I have been in over the years bring out the best and worst in people and it seems clear to me that this campaign has brought out the very worst in Ned Lamont. As I’ve said before he is using a lot of the almost nine million dollars of his own money he has put in to this campaign to run the most relentlessly negative campaign. Attack! Attack! Attack! That I can remember in Connecticut political history.

Joe then went on to debunk the Lamont Campaign's lie about his civil rights record. As the Waterbury Republican-American reported today:

"There are many others who contributed and risked much more than I did. I never put a medal on myself. But was I there? You bet your life I was there, and no amount of deceit by a partisan politician will negate that fact." Lieberman said at a hastily called news conference Wednesday.

The Lieberman campaign produced news articles on Lieberman's civil rights activities that Lieberman wrote for the Yale Daily News in 1963, including one that cites Lieberman reporting from Jackson, Miss.

Watch the video of Joe’s full statement or watch it below.

You can also find independent accounts confirming Lieberman’s record here and here.

One would think that after getting caught in such an outrageous and offensive lie, the Lamont campaign, which continually talks about the need for accountability, would own up to the mistake and apologize.

Think again.

When initially challenged by reporters, Lamont Campaign Manager Tom Swan tried to pawn off responsibility for the attack, while not denying its premise. According to a transcript, he said:

"We haven't done any research on that question, but we aren't going to question Mr. Parker, either."

Later, after it became apparent that the Lamont Campaign was going to pay a price for this outrageous lie, Swan issued a statement that backpeddled slightly, but still refused to accept responsibility for the big lie and instead tried to pin the blame on Parker. As the Courant reported:

"We have no doubt that Sen. Lieberman was active in a variety of causes prior to his career as an elected official. We have not looked into his involvement in the civil rights movement and will not question Joe's involvement," the Lamont campaign said.

This despite the fact that Ned was standing right next to Parker at a press conference the Lamont campaign organized and that the open letter was paid for by the Lamont Campaign.

Each day we ask, can Ned Lamont get any more dishonest and hypocritical? And pretty much each day Ned shows us he indeed can.

Watch the full press conference below:

Posted by: Eric Blankenbaker on 10/12/2006 at 12:06 PM
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Blogger CT Bob said...

Interesting. Nowhere on that letter in the pdf image did it say "paid for by Ned Lamont". Could it be possible that it was actually printed by the Connecticut Federation of Black Democratic Clubs?

And while I don't doubt that Joe worked for equal rights in the early 60's, the rest of the charges in the letter are difficult for him to deny:

- Lieberman called Affirmative Action "Un-American"
- Lieberman voted against bill to force full funding for CT's inner city schools
- Lieberman skipped close vote to increase funding for minority health programs
- Lieberman skipped major NAACP event during 2003 Presidential Campaign
- Lieberman SUPPORTS school vouchers, bleeding money from public schools

I don't know, but it seems like Joe has been working real hard to overcome the good deeds he performed 40 years ago.

12:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just curious ...who is this E Blankenbaker?

Why is there a tendency for those working for Joe LIE-man to be anonymous? E.g. those Lieberkidz, the heckler etc. Is it because they are just paid stooges?

Somehow the LIE-man's campaign comes across to me as less sincere ...and prob has quite a few bones to hide .... I dun blame Parker - everything LIE-man says these days, I am inclined to think he is lying ....

12:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yupe ..... a super secret campaign debates, no itinery only get to talk to Joe if it is at events where he shakes your hands and moves on and of course he'll refuses to answer any questions.

Joe do try to have 2 way conversations with your constituents - without censorship. Be brave; if you are caught lying, have the grace to admit. Stop whining!

Remember the primary ....? Lamont promised to give you his backing if he loses. You just said you were a life long Democrat. What is a life long Democrat to you? Certainly not a life long entitlement to office.

YOU LOST. Now you fight against the Democrat nominee. What does that makes you? A turncoat. An ingrate. A sore loser. Expect me to trust you anymore?

Did you really march with the Rev MLK? Tell us it is not another of your maybe this, maybe that possiblities ....

1:05 PM  
Anonymous LamontTruthTeller said...

Paid for by Lamont. Tsk.

Joe 5ive, not Lamont jive.

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Waiting for the new set of race baiting flyers from you Joe!

4:27 PM  
Blogger gchaucer2 said...

Bob: I couldn't pull up the pdf file for the letter but did so for the other two independent verifications. I will take your word for the fact that the letter did not say "Paid for ...." If that is true, the Blankenbaker is an incredible liar. Not to mention, I don't see anywhere in his screed that indicates the fact that Ned said he had nothing to do with those comments nor does he question Lieberman's participation in the civil rights movement. I have my own thoughts based on what was provided, but will not express them for fear I will be tarred with the same brush.

4:35 PM  
Blogger CT Bob said...

gchaucer2 - actually, on close examination it seems the pdf DID have in very tiny print the paid for by Ned Lamont for senate thing down in the lower left-hand corner, but the guy who authored the document, Henry E. Parker, admitted today that he was wrong in his assertion that Joe didn't go South for civil rights.

For the record, Ned's campaign wasn't aware of the nature of the document and distanced themselves from the remarks immediately, unlike Joe Lieberman's campaign's efforts at race-baiting by flyering cars parked outside black churches right before the Primary, for which they STILL haven't acknowledged responsibility.

And also Joe's campaign reps are constantly saying that black leaders like Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson are divisive rather than uniting, when it was proven that Joe Lieberman had approached them begging for an endorsement.

Apparently not backing Joe makes you "divisive".

And probably a "trouble maker".

I'm sure ConnecticutBlog will have something on the issue of Lieberman's race-baiting in the very near future.

But don't doubt for a moment that Lieberman will play this up and wear the martyr mask for as long as he possibly can.

Anything to draw attention away from his conservative, pro-war, Bush-backing agenda.

4:56 PM  

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